I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, but I couldn’t stay away. I couldn’t fight it. I had hoped you’d see my face, and that you’d be reminded that, for me, it isn’t over. Someone Like You, Adele
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3 years ago
I let it fall, my heart, and as it fell, you rose to claim it. It was dark and I was over until you kissed my lips, and you saved me. Set Fire to the Rain, Adele
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3 years ago
I miss the days out in the sun, sitting cross-legged on the grass as you made funny remarks for me to laugh at. I miss watching movies with you, when your hand would find my knee to rest on in the darkness. I miss the way you would chuckle at me whenever I flinched at something small. I miss hiding away from the world with you, when secret shy kisses filled the silence. I miss how you’d tell me you loved my smile and how cute I was to you. I miss running across roads with you when we weren’t supposed to, being close enough to you that I could reach out and grab your hand. I miss your warm body pressing into mine, two entities becoming one. I miss the fact that sometimes I had to wonder where I stopped and you began. I miss your shoulders where my chin once rested, while your fingers traced patterns on my back. I miss knowing exactly who you were, and I miss how, in spite of that, you’d still manage to somehow surprise me. I miss the conversations about nothing at all, just words that only we knew and understood. I miss your eyes searching into mine, I miss your smile warming my heart, I miss the scribbly notes you left in my notebooks for me to find. I can say that I miss all of that, so why can’t I tell you that all I really miss is you? 21/05/11
Everything is being overshadowed by you. I can’t feel ever happy without comparing it to how happy you once made me. Now my life is just going to be a dark version of what it could have been when you were mine. 21/05/11
I shouldn’t have to try to be someone I’m not. I should just be, and you should just be with me. 17/05/11
One day, you’ll see me walking down the street, holding hands with someone new, laughing at a joke that used to be ours. One day, you’re going to see us sitting on a park bench, expressions of adoration mirrored on both of our faces, expressions you once shared with me. One day, I’ll be happy with someone else, without you. 05/05/11
My outsides are cool
My insides are blue
Every time I think I’m through
It’s because of you
Unpretty, TLC
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3 years ago
Maybe it’s not the fact that you’re you. Maybe it’s how you did it. Maybe that’s the actual reason why I keep coming back to you. Maybe all I need is for someone to make me fall in love with them in the exact way you made me fall in love with you, and maybe then I’ll finally be happy, because maybe it’s possible for me to be happy without you. 28/04/11
I can pretend you’re not the one who holds my heart. I can go on as if you don’t affect me to my very core. I can act like your smile doesn’t cause my heart to skip beats and my breath to shallow and slow. I can live like images of you and me don’t fill my head every night. I’ve gotten very good at pretending. After all, I’ve had years of practise. 22/04/11
You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Samson, Regina Spektor
I’m moving on - I swear I am - but I think I’ll always be right here, no matter what my circumstances, waiting on the sidelines for you. 15/04/11
I’m crushed, black and blue
But you know I’d do it all again for you
All Again For You, We the Kings
You must be something special for me to still care about you this much. 09/04/11
I think the only reason why I’m still trying - after all this time and all this hurt - is because I still believe in the perfect possibility of us. 09/04/11
Maybe that’s what it all comes down to. Love, not as a surge of passion, but as a choice to commit to something, someone, no matter what obstacles or temptations stand in the way. And maybe making that choice, again and again, day in and day out, year after year, says more about love than never having a choice to make at all… Love is the sum of our choices, the strength of our commitments, the ties that bind us together. Love The One You’re With, Emily Giffin (via quote-book)
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